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Secure Indoor Self Storage Unit in Edmonton

Do you need a secure facility to store your belongings while moving to a new home or office space? Have trouble with clutter at home or commercial business with no place to put your items? On Site Modular Storage is a secure self-storage facility in Edmonton that provides a space to store your excess belongings until you have space to keep them in your home or business establishment. 

Usually, clients take up storage spaces for an extended time, but this is not always the case. Some people may need storage for shorter durations. We have the perfect solution if you are unsure how long you need to use our storage space. While we require a minimum of one-month rental, our unique and fair billing cycle makes it easy to move your items out when you are ready, without additional costs. Give us a call if you are looking for secured self-storage in Edmonton.

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Self storage units

Why Choose Us?

On Site Storage is a sought-after self-storage unit for clients from Edmonton and surrounding areas. Here’s why we could be your ideal choice. 

  • 100% Canadian & Family owned Business

  • Safe and secure 

  • Easily accessible and centrally located 

  • Convenient payment options

Residential Uses of Our Storage Units

Self-storage can be a great option if you have items you want to keep but don't have the space for them. We provide a safe and secure place for your possessions. 

You have limited space

  • Living in a big city, or if your place does not have enough space, for many people, self-storage is a great way to store their belongings.

Renovating your home

  • During your home renovation, self-storage can be helpful. Until the renovation is complete, you can keep your furniture and other belongings safely and securely in self-storage.

How Businesses Can Benefit From Our Services?

Self-storage can be helpful for your business in the following ways:

Minimizes clutter

  • You can move seasonal products, unneeded paperwork, and other items that aren't necessary for your regular business operations by renting a storage facility.

Reduces costs

  • If you need more space for goods, renting a business storage unit might be a wise choice than moving into a bigger office.

Easy access

  • It is easy to access. We have many loading access points for easy loading. We also offer an extended hours area for clients who need more flexible access to their space. See store for details.

Keeping Your 
Belongings Safe

One of the benefits of using self-storage services is to keep your belongings in a safe and secure space. Our self-storage facilities in Edmonton offer top-notch security features, so you can make sure that your items are stored in a safe and secure environment.

Check out some tips when you use self-storage services.

Call us now to learn more about our services.

What to Expect

Think of our units as a large safety deposit box. Once you book a room or garage, the door will be equipped with a latch where you can place your own lock and keep the key. Each unit has its own roll-up or regular swing door. Our units are constructed using concrete and/or steel and have concrete floors. Units are a minimum of 8’ in height and come in a wide variety of sizes. Choose the one that fits your storage needs, and move your stuff in when you’re ready! If you’re looking for reliable self-storage in Edmonton, call us

Interior view of self storage warehouse
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