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The Trusted Company for Storage Rentals in Edmonton

If you are searching for a reliable facility for storage rental in Edmonton, look to On Site Storage for secure and safe solutions. We offer our clients the convenience and comfort of knowing that their belongings are safe in our space. Many storage spaces provide clients access to their rented units during office hours. At On Site Storage, we offer extended hours section for storage unit access so that clients can visit their units anytime.

We understand that some of you may have busy schedules and cannot take out time during official hours. Our extended hours section for facility access aims to solve this problem so that you can access your stored belongings when you have free time around your professional commitments. If you want to know more about our extended access timings, reach out to us.

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Things to Look for When Choosing a Storage Rental in Edmonton

When searching for the ideal storage rental in Edmonton, several factors can significantly impact your experience. Here are some crucial aspects to consider:

  • Security Measures: Ensure that the storage facility prioritizes security. Look for features like surveillance cameras, electronic access control, and well-lit premises to safeguard your belongings.

  • Climate Control: Depending on the items you plan to store, climate-controlled units can be essential, especially in Edmonton's fluctuating weather. This feature helps protect sensitive items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

  • Accessibility: Check if the facility offers extended hours or 24/7 access, like On Site Storage. This flexibility ensures you can retrieve or store your belongings at your convenience, even outside regular office hours.

  • Unit Sizes: Determine the size of the storage unit you need. A reputable facility should provide various unit sizes to accommodate your specific requirements, from small lockers to larger storage spaces.

  • Cleanliness: A clean and well-maintained facility is essential for the safety and preservation of your items. Choose a storage provider that keeps its premises tidy and free from pests.

  • Customer Reviews: Reading reviews from previous clients can give you valuable insights into the storage facility's reputation and service quality. Look for positive feedback and check for any recurring issues mentioned in negative reviews.

  • Location: Consider the facility's proximity to your home or workplace. A conveniently located storage rental can save you time and effort during your visits.

  • Affordability: Compare pricing options and payment plans to ensure they fit your budget. Don't forget to inquire about any hidden fees or additional charges.

When to Choose a Storage Rental Facility in Edmonton

  • Home Renovations: If you're planning home renovations or improvements, renting a storage unit can provide a safe space to store furniture and belongings during the construction process.

  • Moving: Whether you're in the midst of moving to a new home or downsizing, a storage rental offers a temporary solution for storing items until you're ready to move them.

  • Seasonal Storage: Edmonton's changing seasons may require seasonal storage for items like winter sports equipment or patio furniture when not in use.

  • Business Needs: If you're a business owner, consider storage rentals for excess inventory, documents, or equipment to free up office space.

  • Travel or Deployment: Individuals planning extended trips or deployments can benefit from storage rentals to keep their belongings secure until their return.

  • De-Cluttering: Use storage units to declutter your living spaces, making your home more organized and spacious.

  • Lifestyle Changes: Life transitions like divorces, inheritances, or merging households may require temporary storage solutions.

  • Hobby or Collection: Enthusiasts with hobbies or collections that have outgrown their homes can find storage rentals ideal for keeping their items safe.

When considering storage rental in Edmonton, evaluate your specific needs and choose a facility that aligns with your requirements, budget, and schedule. On Site Storage offers extended hours for added convenience, making it a valuable choice for secure storage in the city. Contact us to book a storage rental in Edmonton today!

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Maximizing Your Storage Rental Space in Edmonton

Renting a storage unit is a practical solution for keeping your belongings safe and organized, but making the most of your storage space is key. Here are some tips to help you maximize your storage rental in Edmonton:

  • Plan Ahead: Before moving your items into storage, take some time to plan and organize. Create an inventory of what you'll be storing and make a rough layout of how you'll arrange items within the unit.

  • Use Uniform Boxes: Invest in sturdy, uniform-sized boxes for packing. Uniform boxes are easier to stack and utilize space efficiently compared to various-sized containers.

  • Label Everything: Clearly label your boxes on all sides, so you can quickly identify their contents without having to move them around. This makes it easier to access what you need.

  • Stack Vertically: When placing items in your storage unit, stack vertically to make use of the full height of the space. Place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top to prevent crushing.

  • Create Aisles: Leave narrow walkways or aisles between stacked items so you can access your belongings without having to move everything around. Consider creating a map or diagram to help you locate items.

  • Disassemble Furniture: If possible, disassemble furniture like tables, chairs, and bed frames to save space. Keep all screws, bolts, and assembly instructions in a labeled bag taped to the furniture.

  • Use Furniture Covers: Protect your furniture and mattresses by using covers or plastic wrap. This not only keeps them clean but also prevents dust accumulation.

  • Utilize Shelving: Adding freestanding shelving units or installing wall-mounted shelves can help you organize smaller items and create more storage space within your unit.

  • Store Items Inside Furniture: Utilize the empty spaces inside dressers, wardrobes, and appliances like refrigerators or ovens to store smaller items like clothing, books, or kitchenware.

  • Climate-Controlled Units: If you're storing sensitive items like electronics, antiques, or documents, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. Maintaining a stable environment helps preserve the condition of your belongings.

  • Regularly Access Your Unit: Even if you don't need frequent access to your stored items, visit your storage unit periodically to ensure everything remains in good condition. This also allows you to reorganize or remove items you no longer need.

  • Securely Stack Valuables: Valuable or fragile items should be placed at the back of the unit, away from the entrance, and securely stacked between more robust items for added protection.

By implementing these strategies, you can make the most of your storage rental space in Edmonton. On Site Storage provides secure and accessible storage solutions with extended hours, allowing you to conveniently manage your belongings.

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Safe Storage Solutions

All our entrances are constantly viewed through security cameras, and our doors are electronically controlled. The units themselves are well constructed and are climate controlled to avoid any damage to your items because of cold weather. 

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