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Quality Packing and Moving Supplies in Edmonton

Are you changing your office to another location or moving your house?  With the right storage company, you don’t need to worry about your belongings for that particular period. On Site Storage aims to provide complete convenience to our clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas by providing a secure facility where you can store your belongings and all moving supplies you need. We are a one-stop shop for your packing, storage, and moving supplies in Edmonton. Get everything you require from one convenient location and avoid having to shop for packing supplies elsewhere when you have to store your items at our facility. We also offer extended offers. so that you can access your unit 365 days a year. Reach out to us for more details. 

On Site Storage offers security and safety for all of your belongings when they are stored in our facility. We offer packing and moving supplies at fantastic prices. Get in touch with us if you require assistance with packing supplies and moving your items to our storage facility in Edmonton.

Worker preparing goods for dispatch

Our Packing Supplies

Get everything you need to properly pack and store your belongings when moving office spaces or houses. We carry a wide variety of moving supplies in Edmonton, including: 


  • Blankets

  • Box sealing tape

  • Chair covers

  • Mattress covers

  • Tape dispensers

  • Bubble wrap 

  • Padlock steel lock

  • Boxes

We offer a variety of box sizes, from 12" cubes up to wardrobe-sized boxes.  We even have access to special-sized boxes for your special items.

Benefits of Using Our Moving Supplies and Storage Space

For successful moving, it is important to choose a company that can assist your transition go smoothly. We offer moving supplies and secure facilities to store your items safely.

  • Have a wide variety of moving boxes to keep different items.

  • Provides different supplies such as lockable boxes and bubble wrap to safely pack your items.

  • Our secure self-storage facility can keep your excess belongings for a short and longer duration.

  • You will get your own lock and key for further assurance.

  • Our entrances are electronically controlled and under surveillance.

Learn how our storage works before you rent out space and check out storage tips so that your items remain well preserved.

Need Space to Keep Your Additional Items for Some Time?

We provide a safe storage facility and packing and moving supplies in Edmonton.

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