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Effective Storage Tips for Clients That Are Renting Units in Edmonton

Want to know how you can maximize your storage space at our facility? On Site Storage offers valuable storage tips to help you manage your unit more efficiently. We are the ideal storage facility for clients who live in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. 

By using our packing and storage tips, you will be able to store your belongings properly so that they remain well preserved. At On Site Storage, we want to assist our clients every step of the way so that they feel confident about using our facility to store their precious items. For further information about our storage units, give us a call.

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Storage and Packing Tips

Follow these suggestions for proper storage of your belongings. 




  • Use free-standing shelves. 

  • Clean all furniture and clothing properly. 

  • Cover upholstered and wooden furniture with cloth, not plastic.

  • Appliances must be thoroughly clean and dry. 

  • Keep freezer and refrigerator doors slightly ajar. 

  • Remove vacuum cleaner bags and cover openings.

  • Store mattresses and box springs on long edges. 

  • Wrap mattresses for protection and elevate them off the floor.

  • Store mirrors and glass tops in a sturdy crate on edge, not flat.

  • To preserve metal, wipe the surface with a cloth containing drops of machine oil.

  • Drain oil and gas from any pieces of equipment.



  • Do not store food, plants or other items that may attract pests. 

  • Do not store soaps or other aromatics.

  • Do not store flammable, hazardous, pressurized, car or industrial batteries.

  • Do not store toxic materials, liquids or aerosols. 

  • Do not drill nails in the walls to hang anything.

  • Do not stack boxes too high.

Insurance Cover

Consult your insurance provider about adding the storage space to your home policy. On Site Storage is not responsible for loss due to theft, vandalism, or fire. 

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